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💥 warrify x Hermes Software GmbH start a partnership 💥

We are happy to announce another partnership with a renowned POS system! 🧡

Hermes Software GmbH has been one of the market leaders in POS software in Europe for more than 25 years. Together we turn the conventional paper receipt into a digital marketing channel. By integrating warrify into the Hermes POS system, retailers can target even anonymous customers again after they have made their purchase.

hermes logo und warrify logo mit schüttelnder hand, welche die Partnerschaft symbolisiert

Like the solutions from Hermes Software GmbH, the digital receipt can also be adapted to specific industries and retailers. In addition, the innovation provides purchase data to offer customers a personalized shopping experience. The fact that the integration into the POS system works well is already known from the successful use of digital receipts at the furniture retail chain porta.

In the future, the solution can be linked to the Hermes Self Check-out Kiosk system. This results in the perfect end and at the same time the perfect start of a personalized customer journey. 🚀

#POS 💥


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