Acting data-driven has never been easier

Print flyers and mass campaigns are in the past - with warrify, customers are reached where they are and with content that is relevant to them. 

With the help of warrify, marketing budgets can be used for relevant and personalized offers. Vegetarians, for example, no longer receive offers for meat.  

Along the way, we put an end to the paper chaos

We’ve built world-class technology so that you don’t have to. Easily connect with millions of customers through a simple POS integration. warrify enables you to:

Offer suitable products and accessories

Communicate personalized coupons and campaigns

Present relevant services and even warranty extensions

Onboard new customer into existing loyalty program

Collect customer feedback through the receipt


How easy it works for your customers

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No app

Your customers don't have to install an app to get their digital receipt. This increases customer acceptance and thus your reach in aftersales.

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No registration

Customers do not have to register, they simply scan the QR code and receive their receipt directly in the browser of thir smartphone - 100% anonymous.

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No hardware

You don't need new POS software or any additional hardware at the PoS. With warrify, you can build on any existing system and don't need an extra customer facing display.

Do you want to personalize your customer’s shopping experience?

Simon Hasenauer | Co-Founder & CSO

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Simply scan the qr-code with your smartphone

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Quotation mark

The interactive receipt is an ideal medium for us to interact with our customers after they have made a purchase.

Gürkan Ünlü  | former CDO & Head of Corporate Development at porta Möbel

Endless possibilities arise from one interface for interactive receipts

Wallets as the new home for digital customer loyalty

Our wallet solution enables customer loyalty without any prior registration or app download.

In addition to the possibility to store receipts, you can send push notifications to your customers' smartphones or use geo-targeting.

Endless possibilities arise from one interface

As a partner merchant, we provide you with plug & play, e-commerce like tools. Additionally, NO extra integration is needed for these possibilities. So you can get started right away.