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Your purchase has never been that personal

Together with your favorite retailers warrify digitizes the paper receipt in order to make your shopping experience more sustainable and personal.

Curious? Try it out now!

Prepare yourself for your next purchase and try out warrifys free web-app in order to save your receipt digitally.

Save paper and protect the environment

Get the same warranty conditions as with a paper receipt

Spare Papier und schütze die Umwelt
Erhalte Garantieanspruch wie bei einem Papierbeleg
Sichere dir exklusive Vorteile und Gutscheine

Get exklusive coupons and further benefits

The benefits of the digital receipt

What is happening with my data?

At warrify we have a special focus on data security. We strictly work after the GDPR compliancy and ensure that our services are provided with the highest security standards. Our servers are within the EU and any data will be exclusively processed via a secure SSL connection.

Frequently asked questions

Is warrify's web-app for free?

Yes, the warrify web-app is for free and will stay free forever. Simply do a quick signup and your are all set.

Which options do I have to save the digital receipt?

You have two options at the point of sale. You can either use the PDF download or you can sign up for warrify's free receipt management web-app.

Does the digital receipt replace the paper receipt?

Yes, it does. In case you have some warranty-related requests the digital receipt can be seen exactly like the paper receipt.

How can I return my purchase?

Like the paper receipt you can simply go into the shop and show the digital receipt to the cashier. On some receipts we even provide a one-click solution to return your purchase.

Bekannt aus

How easy it works in a shop

QR-Code Scan

1. Scan

Scan the QR-code which is placed at the point of sale. Depending on the shop it will be on a poster or a screen.

Save digital receipt

2. Save receipt

You can now choose between downloading a PDF or saving it in warrify's free receipt management web-app.

the digital receipt is available at any time

3. Done

From now on you will always have your receipts with you. Annoying paper management or lost warranties are a thing of the past.

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