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We are warrify

warrify is a multiple award-winning Lower Austrian software company located in the 🧡 of Vienna. Together, we are working to digitize retail with innovative solutions and create a new world of Open Retail. This results in many exciting use cases with which we bring static purchase data to life. 

warrify 2023

2023 was a successful year for us with many exciting achievements and milestones. Therefore, we have created a recap in which we summarize our year 2023.

Team warrify



Today, our team's goal is to create a world of open commerce, making purchase data accessible and usable. 
Would you like to become part of our team and pose on stairs in a stylish warrify hoodie? Then click here to see our open positions.

Become part of team warrify

Founder Story

Simon Hasenauer, Enzo Duit, Matthias Pichler
In 2019, our founders Simon, Enzo and Matthias started with the idea to provide a central platform for all invoices, warranties and other documents to reduce the chaos of paperwork in stationary retail.
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