The digital receipt as key to success

With the warrify integration for digital receipts, not only the traditional receipt becomes an interactive experience. Through our modern API-based infrastructure, we open up the PoS to endless possibilities.

Purchase data is too valuable to end up in the trash as a receipt

warrify brings cutting-edge technology to retailers to get the most out of purchasing data - what exactly does this enable?

For retailer

Print flyers and mass campaigns are in the past - with warrify, customers are reached where they are and with content that is relevant to them. 

With the help of warrify, marketing budgets can be used for relevant and personalized offers. Vegetarians, for example, no longer receive offers for meat.  


Success Stories 

Porta Möbelhaus von außen

porta furniture stores

porta Möbel GmbH & Co. KG, one of Germany's largest furniture retail chains, is turning the conventional receipt into a digital customer touchpoint.

Globus Baumarkt von außen

Globus DIY stores

Globus Baumärkte is putting another exclamation mark on their digitization strategy by offering digital receipts together with warrify in all DIY stores across Germany.

A1 Store von innen

A1 telco shops

Together with A1 Telekom Austria, Austria's leading communications provider, we are digitizing another area in the lives of the 7 million A1 customers by offering digital receipts in all A1 stores.

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