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Create value through purchase data

A connected, holistic approach to data defines the future of retail

Daten stiften Mehrwert

Winning With Data

Given the rapid technological advancement, companies are facing a forward-looking challenge. Industry leaders are struggling with current difficulties, while others are thriving. The utilization and integration of purchase data stand out as the key distinguishing factor in this regard.

Winners of Retail

The Winners Take It All

In a data-driven world, there are clear winners and losers

In this challenging retail landscape, there will be those who conquer the struggle and those who fall behind. Those that harness the power of sales data are clear winners, achieving unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and success.


Porta Möbelhaus von außen

porta Möbel GmbH & Co. KG, one of Germany's largest furniture retail chains, is turning the conventional receipt into a digital customer touchpoint.

Globus Baumarkt von außen

Globus is putting another exclamation mark on their digitization strategy by offering digital receipts together with warrify in all DIY stores across Germany.

A1 Store von innen

Together with A1 Telekom Austria, Austria's leading communications provider, we are digitizing another area in the lives of the 7 million A1 customers by offering digital receipts in all A1 stores.

Success Stories 

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