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warrify wins the furniture chain porta as customer

Together with porta we now also delight many customers in Germany with the digital receipt 🧾😊

Möbelhaus mit porta Logo

"The interactive receipt is an ideal medium for us to interact with our customers even after their purchase. Among other things, it enables use cases such as purchase-based coupons or additionally offered add-on services", Gürkan Ünlü, former CDO & Head of Corporate Development at porta.

How it works for portas customers

Kunde sieht digitalen Beleg auf dem Smartphone

Within the porta shop there are several posters placed with a QR-code. The customer scans the QR-code with his smartphone and receives a personalized barcode. This barcode will be shown at the point of sale during the scanning of the products. After the payment is done the receipt the receipt will be displayed on the customers smartphone. Now the customer can decide between a non obligatory PDF download and warrifys free receipt management web-app.

We are super glad about the partnership and looking forward to further exciting use-cases with porta!


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