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We were in search of the longest cash receipt

In May 2022, we launched a challenge on LinkedIn to set an example against the chaos of receipts in brick-and-mortar retail and the resulting consumption of resources.

To do this, we asked our network to measure and photograph a receipt of their choice. Afterwards, they had to write a post announcing the centimeters under the hashtag #WerHatDenLängstenBeleg 🧾.

With more than 40 participants, a total length of over 15 meters could be found. This corresponds roughly to the length of a normal bus in Vienna. The receipts came from more than 20 different retail companies. The winner of the challenge posted a receipt with a length of 126 cm.

The fact that the topic is highly relevant is shown not only by the approximately 100,000 impressions that the contributions have in common, but also by the demand from retailers to also offer digital receipts in the future. Handing out paper receipts not only wastes valuable resources, but is also a lost opportunity to target customers even after they have made their purchase.

With our digital and interactive receipt, retailers can not only reduce the consumption of environmentally harmful thermal paper, but also have a chance to bring their customers out of anonymity. How this all looks in practice can be read in our current case study with our retail partner CHRIST.

#POS 💥


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