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The cooperation between dimedis and warrify revolutionizes the in-store shopping experience.

In today's fast-paced retail world, it's no secret that a unique and personalized in-store shopping experience is key to customer acquisition and retention. Together with dimedis, we are joining forces to provide retailers with a data-driven approach to digital signage that will revolutionize the in-store shopping experience.

dimedis und warrify starten Partnerschaft

POS becomes an experience with dimedis

With the help of digital touchpoints and IoT sensors from dimedis, retailers guide their customers through their shopping journey in a playful and supportive way. Aggregating all relevant data provides valuable insights into customer behavior along the omnichannel journey. In the meantime, the new partnership offers retailers even more opportunities to adapt their content to different data streams and to develop additional revenue streams through retail media budgets.

Behind dimedis is a multidisciplinary team of specialists who develop software for the retail and fair trade sectors. With their products they aim exactly at the entrepreneurial success of their customers: Data mining, data analysis, maximum number of sales channels. Integrated into digital experiences that are simply fun.

Learn more about dimedis. 👉

warrify's interface makes POS data accessible and valuable.

Just like dimedis, our goal is to help retailers offer their customers a special shopping experience. Collecting data is only the first step. To unlock the value of the data, retailers must be able to make it accessible and useful in real time. That's why we make sales data from the checkout accessible and usable via an interface. One of the use cases here is not to print out receipt data in paper form, but to hand it over to the end customer in the form of an interactive receipt. This gives retailers the opportunity to communicate with their customers even after they have made a purchase, using the advertising options on the digital receipt and potentially converting them into leads. we, however, see even greater opportunities behind the use of the data.

dimedis uses warrify Insights to tailor the in-store experience to visitors in real time.

With warrify Insights, in-store tracking data (via tracking ID) is combined with sales data (purchase ID incl. customer ID, if available). This allows not only the journey in the store and where customers have been to be looked at in isolation, but also in combination with what they have actually bought. The technical sophistication behind this is called ID stitching, i.e. the linking of IDs in order to assign data pools from different sources to a single anonymous ID. dimedis therefore uses this technology to adapt its digital signage content and also the in-store radio medium to the conditions in the respective store.

Our innovative partnership with dimedis provides retailers with a powerful solution to stay ahead of the competition as the demand for a unique in-store experience continues to grow. By combining our expertise and technology, we are transforming the shopping experience and customer journey in stationary retail, driving growth and thereby increasing retailers' revenue.

Experience our collaborative usecase, which was presented at Euroshop 2023. 👉


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