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🎡 warrify presents the “warrify marketplace” 🎡

At warrify, we have no longer relied exclusively on the digitization of receipts. Rather, we follow the goal of making purchase data accessible and useful.

The warrify marketplace makes POS data accessible and useful

With the company mission "Unlocking purchase data to make it accessible and useful", we want to create a world of open and data-driven retail.

Among other things, the pandemic also contributed to the fact that customers expect a digital customer journey in stationary retail as well. In order to be able to offer customers a personalized and targeted shopping experience, retailers must not only collect data, but also use it in a meaningful way. High initial costs are still limiting POS innovation in stationary retail. As a result, retailers struggle to gain insights from their sales data.

Our modern API-based infrastructure provides a solution to this problem. Using the interface for interactive receipts, not only does every purchase become a digital experience. It also gives retailers the ability to plug and play countless data-driven use cases.

Partner retailers test via Plug & Play

The marketplace uses an API interface for countless usecases. In this sense, we provide partner retailers with plug & play tools. On the one hand, this eliminates the number of service providers and the effort of multiple checkout integrations. In addition, testing and evaluating innovative usecases in stationary retail will be faster and easier in the future. The POS should therefore be opened up with the help of our technology in order to be able to offer customers a unique shopping experience on the basis of data. The e-commerce landscape around Shopify is a good example of how App Store-like new products can be tested with just one click. The fact that online stores on average use a handful of different extensions at the same time shows the opportunity this could potentially bring to stationary retail.

Vom Self-Check, über den eCommerce und Point auf Sale bis hin zu Scan & Go ermöglicht der warrify marketplace Partnerhändlern zahlreiche Usecases

In doing so, warrify relies on a constantly growing partner network that deals with current topics such as digital signage, demand forecasting using AI, and much more. Partners of warrify also have direct market access to leading retail companies. This enables them to reduce their sales costs and shorten the sales cycle.

circly as first official marketplace partner

circly uses artificial intelligence to analyze both internal factors, such as sales data, and external factors, such as the weather or various holidays, to create accurate demand forecasts. No expert knowledge of artificial intelligence is required to implement the innovation, and it can be operated quite easily. In addition, circly can plan across a wide variety of channels and thus supports retailers' omnichannel strategy. Learning algorithms and automation make planning more accurate and efficient. This enables retailers to understand marketing campaigns, optimize inventory levels, as well as avoid supply bottlenecks. circly thus offers them the opportunity to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way while improving their profit margins.

In the future, all warrify partner dealers will also have the opportunity to use circly's revolutionary no-code approach - without any extra integration.

circly als erster warrify marketplace Partner


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