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⭐️The partnership of warrify and Fygi is changing the future of the stationary in-store experience⭐

New innovative store concepts of the future

Digitalization is advancing, and it's making no attempt to avoid stationary retail. This makes it all the more important that retailers offer their customers a unique shopping experience. To make this possible, Fygi is also following the goal of innovating the future of retail. With their innovative and secure Scan Pay Go solution, they support retailers in improving the experience in their stores. Through our partnership, we are enabling a fully digitalized customer journey from store entry to check-out and beyond.

warrify und Fygi starten Partnerschaft

The interactive receipt complements the digital customer journey and brings customers back into the store.

The innovative and autonomous store solutions developed by Fygi change the interaction points of retailers with their customers. Especially for new store formats without staff, it is essential to implement innovative solutions that compensate for the lack of staff. Interactive receipts are therefore the perfect solution for pointing customers to customer loyalty programs or suitable products, for example. The integration of digital receipts into Fygi's autonomous store solutions thus enables an optimal post-purchase experience and completes the autonomous store solutions.

So by integrating our interactive checkout receipt, the journey doesn't end after check-out and with a piece of paper, but goes beyond. This enables retailers to reach their customers even after the purchase and potentially bring them back into their store.

"We say that the future lies in a unified post-purchase experience across all sales channels. So the shopping experience doesn't end with the check-out, and certainly not with a paper receipt, but with an interactive receipt - enabling retailers to re-engage even with their anonymous walk-in customers after the purchase. Our partnership with Fygi allows us to set new standards in customer experience in retail."

Simon Hasenauer | Co-Founder & CEO at warrify

"The combination of our autonomous store formats and the interactive receipts is a great fit. We take over the journey in the store and warrify then takes over the customer journey after check-out and makes sure they come back."

Carsten Pletz | Vice President Sales und Marketing DACH at Fygi

How the Customer Journey of the future works

Just like us, Fygi also relies on the possibility of a Journey without an extra app download or registration in advance. To use the Fygi solution, customers have to scan a QR code with their smartphone camera at the entrance. The application then opens in the browser, with which the products in the store are scanned. The payment process also takes place in this application. Thanks to our partnership, however, the journey does not end with the payment process. Customers then receive an interactive receipt that provides retailers with a wide range of options for customer communication.


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