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🚀 warrify and shopreme start partnership and provide added value for stationary retail 🚀

Together with shopreme, we drive digitalization in retail and create shopping experiences that delight customers.

The digital customer journey in stationary retail

The future of stationary retail clearly lies in digitalization. To meet the rapidly rising expectations of consumers, retailers must create outstanding shopping experiences. This can be achieved through the use of innovative technologies.

Together with shopreme, we offer retailers an all-round carefree package for the digital customer journey as part of our partnership – from mobile self-checkout and digital receipts to personalized services for customer targeting and loyalty.

warrify und shopreme treiben die Digitalisierung im Handel voran und schaffen Einkaufserlebnisse, die Kund:innen begeistern.

Scan and pay on your own smartphone

Scan & Go from shopreme creates seamless shopping experiences that delight. Customers use their own smartphones to scan products and pay directly in the app. This eliminates the need to queue at the checkout and helps retailers to significantly increase efficiency at the POS.

"We rely on a strong network of partners with whom we offer first-class solutions for retailers," says Nico Müller, Chief Commercial Officer of shopreme. "We are particularly proud of our cooperation with innovative Austrian companies like warrify. The digital receipt is the next logical step after Scan & Go. We are glad to have found a competent partner in warrify."

Digital receipt - smart and sustainable

warrify is an expert on smart receipts and helps retailers to turn them into a valuable customer touchpoint. This means that customers can be brought out of anonymity and are thus accessible for the retailer's marketing activities even after they have made their purchase.

Through an optimized post-purchase experience, customers can be bound to the company in a long-term and are more likely to come back. The integration of smart receipts into the Scan & Go solution enables a smart customer journey that does not end with the purchase.

"Due to the increasing number of different checkout channels, a unified post-purchase experience is becoming more and more important. Customers should receive a unified digital experience on every channel, whether at the cash register, at the self-checkout kiosk or at Scan & Go. Together with shopreme and our interactive receipts, we can set new standards in the Scan & Go sector." Enzo Duit Co-Founder & CEO of warrify

By the way, by using digital receipts, retailers also save valuable resources and thus protect the environment.

Unified purchase experience across all channels

shopreme and warrify can be seamlessly integrated into existing apps and adapted to individual requirements. Even without an existing app, retailers can take advantage of the respective solutions - alternatives are provided on both sides.

By connecting Scan & Go and smart receipts, retailers create a unified purchase experience across all channels and can individually address customers. Targeted campaign and ad placements and practical additional services ensure higher sales and increase customer loyalty.


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